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What size tree do I buy?

What size tree do I buy?

Obviously there are some limitations you need to consider when buying your tree.

You should really have about a foot of space between the top of the tree and the ceiling, but bear in mind the height of your topper, be it a star or angel etc that you will be using. Also the height of the stand you put your tree in will be another measurement to consider.

Remember your tree does not like to be close to radiators or other heat sources so try and place it away from these so it will keep fresh and healthy over the festive period. This may mean that you might need a slimmer tree. Different varieties have different characteristics, you can check each of them out on our website www. British Christmas tree company.

Alternatively, if you have a lovely big bay window with plenty of space and you want the world to see your beautiful tree, the top should ideally be about six inches below the top of the window to gain maximum effect.

Remember it is better to buy a tree a little shorter than required if in doubt, as it can always be raised a little. If you buy one which is too tall there is only so much you can cut off the bottom before you start to take off the lower branches and possibly ruining it,s shape.

Our retail sites do have measuring sticks available just in case you need one, but check the height that is best going to suit your needs before ordering on-line. Bear in mind certain heights are very popular so ordering as early as you can is advisable.

Buy with total confidence with the British Christmas Tree Company and have a great Christmas.

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