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Tree Care
You,ve chosen or received your Christmas Tree 

  Here's a few steps you can take to help ensure it stays green, healthy and beautiful throughout the festive season.

Tree Care

You’ve chosen or received your Christmas tree. Here’s a few steps you can take to help ensure it stays green, healthy and beautiful throughout the festive season.

Preferably keep your tree outside when you get it home. Keep it in cool conditions and sheltered from direct wind. Put the base of the trunk in a bucket of water until you are ready to erect your tree.

Remove the bottom 2 cm’s off the end of the tree. This will allow it to drink more effectively as it removes the natural seal on the base of the trunk.

Mount your tree within 8 hours of cutting the base, preferably use a stand that has a water holding facility. It is much easier to put your tree in the stand whilst it's netted. This allows you to check for straightness and alterations can be made if needed without too much difficulty.

Avoid placing your tree near direct sources of heat, such as a radiator or fire. This will cause the needles to dry out and potentially drop off. Keeping it cool will help keep it alive and fresh throughout the festive season.

Your tree will drink anything from between 2 pints and 3 pints of water per day. Probably more on the day you mount it. It is essential to keep the water level above the bottom of the trunk, otherwise it's natural sap will reseal it and it will no longer be able to take water up.

A water holding stand will make this much easier and much more preferable. The life span of the tree will be greatly decreased as it will dry out if you choose a stand that has no water holding capability.


If  your Christmas tree is to be used indoors. Place it in a garage or similar place if possible for around a week to allow for acclimatization to an indoor environment.

Water it regularly and keep the soil moist. Move the tree indoors when you are ready to decorate it, to a position away from heat sources such as fires or radiators.

After Christmas either re-pot your tree into a larger pot or plant it out into your garden before spring.

Remember it will need to be placed in the garage again to give it chance to acclimatise. Extreme temperature changes will stress the tree.

If you are transplanting your tree into the garden, dig a whole twice as wide as the pot and just a touch deeper.

It is really important to remove the growing pot without disturbing or damaging the root system. It will probably be easier to do this by cutting down each side of the pot and carefully peeling  it off.

Loosen the soil in the bottom of the hole and mix a little general purpose compost into it. Place your tree into it, and then with a little more compost mixed in back fill around the tree until it is firmly in place.

Water your tree well.


Your fresh wreath will need very little care. It should last well throughout the festive season. However you can mist with water every couple of days if you wish.

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