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Product Quality

We only sell top quality British Christmas trees. We do not import!!

Product Quality

Our trees are carefully and individually selected and checked for quality at least twice before they are packed for dispatch.

Trees are measured from the cut to the tip of the tree.

Although our trees are freshly cut, we would recommend you do not order a tree for delivery before the 22nd November. The ability of the tree to last over the whole festive period will be greatly reduced.

Every effort is taken to keep the trees as clean as possible. Please take care when un-packing the tree as BCTC cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by debris that may fall from it. This however will be minimal, if any and will probably only be a bit of mud picked up during harvesting.

Please refer to our tree care guide to help improve the life of your tree or wreath.

Colours for all items, including trees, wreath and decorations may vary slightly from those shown in the images.

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