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Ideas for Christmas Tree Garlands

Ideas for Christmas Tree Garlands

Need some inspiration for garlands for your Christmas tree? One that the kids can get involved with too. All you need is some fishing line or twine and a needle large enough for it to thread through (a darning needle is good). Begin threading dried orange slices and fresh cranberries alternatively onto the line until the desired length is achieved.Popcorn and cranberries make a lovely colourful garland too or just cranberries by themselves.

Pine cones also make a great natural looking garland, either on your tree or across your mantle.Create a glamorous effect and string necklaces together.Buttons can also create a good effect.

Candy and chocolates are also really easy to string together and use as garlands and the kids will love these, although probably not all of them will reach the tree! Please remember to hang these above pet pinching level though!

A great idea for your mantle would be to thread a few really select baubles onto a luxurious length of ribbon and string across from side to side. Maybe put a few of the same baubles in a glass dish actually on top of the mantle too, to tie the theme together.Hope these ideas give you a little inspiration.

Happy Christmas

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