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Festive ideas for your tree trimmings

Festive ideas for your tree trimmings

DIY Rustic Winter Cranberry Candle Jar. Nothing says Christmas quite like fresh cranberries and pine. The colour and scent of them apart or mixed together is wonderful. With this easy project they are brought together to create a perfect centrepiece or mantle display that is both rustic and elegant and really easy to do.
Trim pine clippings to a relatively even length to about ¾ of the height of the jar.Fill the bottom of the jar with as many of the pine clippings as you can squeeze in.Add enough water to just cover the clippings, then fill most of the rest of the jar loosely with fresh cranberries.Sink a floating candle in the middle of the cranberries and add enough water to allow the candle to float.
How simple yet so effective! And one that the kids can help with too!
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