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Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Remember your tree is your blank canvas. Selecting your Christmas tree from the British Christmas Tree Company gives you a great range of different varieties, including the favourites such as the nordmann fir, the fraser fir, lodge pole pine, the Norway spruce and the blue spruce as well as a new one, the Korean fir. It also means you can be confident you will have one of the finest quality trees available anywhere, to start creating your perfect Christmas decorations.

The first choice is to pick a colour scheme. Classic Christmas colours are red and green. Accent the green of the tree with red ornaments, garlands and ribbons. Add some pizazz with a metallic colour such as gold. Red or clear lights would look great with this style.

Winter colour s, like silver, blue and purple imitate the icy, glittering colours of snow at Christmas. Pick clear or blue lights for a stunning effect, or for a truly minimalist winter look try using only silver and white decorations.

If you want your tree to have that warm feeling, pick decorations with red undertones, for instance, red, orange and gold and use a warm white colour for your lights.

For a cool feeling, use green, purple, blue and silver with bright white lights.

Select a colour scheme that best suits your personality or mood you want to create or alternatively take inspiration from the colour scheme in the room where you putting it.

Don’t be afraid of putting a few larger ornaments in the focal area of the tree to create interest.

If you’re going for the natural look, why not try using some natural objects such as pine cones and dried fruit or even berries from the hedgerows. The children could get involved with this as they could string cranberry or popcorn garlands for you .Why not take a look at our unusual thing to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas.

With the children in mind candy is also a great addition to your tree. It may not quite turn out to be as sophisticated as some of the other themes, but it’s bound to be very popular, just make sure if you are using chocolate to hang it above pet pinching level!

Happy Christmas


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