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Why buy a real Christmas tree

Why buy a real Christmas tree.

Buying a real Christmas tree is by far the greener option.

Did you realise that a six foot artificial tree made from plastic is as damaging to the environment as toasting 5,222 slices of bread or driving 120 miles in an average sized car and has a carbon footprint 10 times larger than a real tree.

Real trees generate oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and harmful greenhouse gases from the air and as most Christmas trees are now grown on Christmas tree farms, as soon as one is cut, another is planted in its place.

Real Christmas trees provide a great habitat for our wildlife and nothing can compare with the wonderful “Christmas “ fragrance they give off and how amazing they look.

A fact that is probably overlooked at times is that real Christmas trees are less of a fire risk than artificial ones, artificial trees are made out of a plastic consisting of petroleum, whereas the moisture in the real tree helps impede combustion.

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