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Decorate your real Christmas tree with live flowers!

Decorate your real Christmas tree with live flowers!

Have you considered decorating your real cut Christmas tree with real flowers this year. How stunning and elegant would your tree look adorned in beautiful, fresh red roses or stems of pretty white spray roses and sprigs of variegated holly, enhanced with twinkling warm white lights of even led candle lights.

Or how about exquisite stems or orchids if you want to be a little more extravagant and really wow your friends and family.

It is possible to purchase small water tubes from your local florist or you can also find them online (various sizes are available). In these you can keep your flowers watered and they will last just the same amount of time as they would do in a vase. It may be necessary to top them up at some point over the festive period though.

These tubes can be attached to your tree using strands of natural raffia, available in a range of colours, or alternatively different coloured ribbons.

These tubes are easily hidden in the branches of your tree or, it is possible to wrap them in different coloured cellophane and make a feature of them too, if you wanted.

Create a complete wow this Christmas and have a truly unique Christmas tree.

Published October 14, 2014

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